Potential drawbacks of a government being too involved in the free market include stifling competition, hindering economic growth, and potentially leading to a system akin to communism. In such a system, the government controls how businesses make their money, which can be detrimental to a progressive, growing economy. A competitive market is essential for meeting supply and demand effectively. However, critics argue that such a system can be unfair, favoring only a few.

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A free market system ensures fairness by promoting competition. In a free market, businesses compete with each other to provide the best products or services at the most competitive prices. This competition benefits consumers as they have a wider range of choices and can choose the product or service that best meets their needs and budget. Additionally, in a free market, success is determined by the market, not by government intervention or favoritism. Therefore, anyone with a good idea and the willingness to work hard has the opportunity to succeed.

The potential risks of a free market system include the possibility of economic inequality, exploitation of workers, and market failures due to lack of competition. There's also a risk of businesses prioritizing profit over social welfare, leading to negative externalities such as environmental damage. Furthermore, in a completely free market, there's no guarantee of basic services for all citizens, as businesses may not find it profitable to provide these services in certain areas or to certain populations.

A free market system affects supply and demand by allowing prices to be dictated by the interactions of businesses and consumers. In a free market, the laws of supply and demand govern the production of goods and services. When demand for a product or service increases, the price tends to rise. When suppliers are producing more goods and services, the price tends to fall. This dynamic encourages competition and efficiency among businesses, and it leads to a wide variety of goods and services being available to consumers.

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