The 2022 World Cup is expected to have a significant impact on the tourism industry in Qatar. With FIFA's investment and Qatar's preparation, including the construction of new stadiums and infrastructure, the country expects to attract 1.5 million attendees to the event. This influx of visitors is likely to boost the local economy and the tourism sector specifically. The event is expected to add up to $17 billion to Qatar's economy over the next three years, with billions more anticipated in tourism revenue in the following years. However, it's important to note that the total ban on alcohol during the World Cup could potentially influence the tourism experience.

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The potential environmental impacts of the 2022 World Cup on Qatar could be significant. The construction of new stadiums and infrastructure could lead to habitat destruction, air and water pollution, and increased waste. The influx of tourists could also put a strain on Qatar's resources, leading to potential issues with waste management and water scarcity. Additionally, the increased energy use could contribute to greenhouse gas emissions. However, it's also worth noting that Qatar has made efforts to mitigate these impacts, such as using sustainable building practices for the stadiums.

The 2022 World Cup is likely to have a significant impact on the global perception of Qatar. The event is expected to bring a large influx of tourists, which could boost the country's image as a global destination. However, the event has also been marred by controversy, particularly regarding the treatment of migrant workers involved in the construction of the stadiums. This could potentially harm Qatar's reputation. Additionally, the decision to ban alcohol during the tournament may also affect the perception of the country, as it could be seen as a restriction on personal freedoms.

The main sources of revenue for the 2022 World Cup are expected to be ticket sales, event transport, hospitality, and TV operations. Additionally, Qatar expects the event to add up to $17B to its economy over the next three years and billions more in tourism for years to come.

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