The steps involved in practicing 'The Work' include four questions that need to be worked through honestly. The more dedicated we become to regular inquiry when things cause us to suffer, the easier The Work will become. It is recommended to do The Work by writing out thoughts on paper, to encourage honest response.

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'The Work' helps in dealing with anxiety by encouraging regular inquiry into the thoughts that cause us to suffer. By practicing 'The Work', one learns to quickly eliminate untrue thoughts through inquiry, thereby returning to a state of harmony and happiness. It is recommended to write out thoughts on paper to encourage honest responses.

Self-reflection plays a crucial role in 'The Work'. It is through self-reflection that individuals can honestly work through the four questions proposed by Katie. This process helps in dismantling the lies we believe and returning to harmony and happiness. It is recommended to do 'The Work' by writing out thoughts on paper, which encourages honest responses and self-reflection.

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