Recommenders in the RAPID decision-making process play a crucial role. They are responsible for pitching proposals to the decision-makers. Their recommendations are gathered during the pre-decision phase and are used to help the key decision-maker make an informed decision.

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The RAPID model is often used in business settings. For example, a company deciding on its next product launch might use the RAPID model. The key decision-makers would be selected, and they would gather recommendations and proposals from various team members. After considering all the inputs, they would make a decision on which product to launch next.

The RAPID model can be used to improve team success by clearly defining roles and responsibilities in the decision-making process. This model helps in reducing confusion and conflicts, and ensures that everyone on the team knows their role and what is expected of them. It also helps in making the decision-making process more efficient and effective, leading to better decisions and improved team performance.

In the RAPID decision-making model, gathering recommendation inputs is a crucial part of the pre-decision phase. Some strategies for gathering these inputs could include conducting surveys or interviews with key stakeholders, analyzing market trends and customer feedback, and reviewing past decisions and their outcomes. It's also important to select key decision-makers and recommenders who will pitch proposals to the decision-makers. These individuals should have a deep understanding of the topic at hand and be able to provide valuable insights.

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