App features play a crucial role in incentivizing users to share the app. They can be designed to encourage sharing by providing value to the user for doing so. For instance, features could include rewards for sharing, such as access to premium content, discounts, or other benefits. Additionally, features that enhance the user experience can also motivate users to share the app with others. The more a user enjoys using an app, the more likely they are to recommend it to others. Therefore, creating an app with user-friendly and valuable features can significantly boost its virality.

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The conversion rate in the context of viral lead generation is significant as it determines the effectiveness of the viral strategy. It refers to the percentage of individuals who are shared the app (or product) and become users. A higher conversion rate means that a larger proportion of the individuals who are exposed to the app become users, thus increasing the overall user base and reducing the customer acquisition cost. This is crucial in viral lead generation as it amplifies the effect of each new user, as each new user can potentially bring in additional users.

Viral lead generation significantly reduces the customer acquisition cost. It works on the principle of users sharing the product or service with others in their network. For instance, if a user shares the product with four people, and two of them become users, the customer acquisition cost is effectively divided among more users. This means that the original cost of acquiring a customer, say five dollars, can drop significantly, for example, to one dollar and sixty-seven cents. This is because every new user brings in additional users, spreading the cost over a larger user base.

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