The Innovation Ambition Matrix plays a crucial role in resource management by tracking investments from core to transformational technologies. This helps in determining the right resource allocation for each type of technology. The matrix also provides a visual representation of how much resources to allocate to each technology and the projected or actual return on investment.

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Yes, the Innovation Ambition Matrix can be applied to all types of businesses. It is a strategic tool that helps businesses to allocate resources and investments across core, adjacent, and transformational technologies. It is not industry-specific and can be used by any business that is looking to innovate and grow.

The Innovation Ambition Matrix contributes to market dominance by helping businesses strategically allocate resources across core, adjacent, and transformational technologies. Core technologies sustain the current revenue stream, adjacent technologies build off core technologies and explore new markets, and transformational technologies are future-focused. By tracking investments across these categories, businesses can balance their portfolio and maximize their return on investment. This strategic allocation of resources can lead to market dominance.

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