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Do you need to present the investment and reward opportunities of a new venture or project? The Ultimate Startup Pro Forma spreadsheet is intended to help corporate individuals and entrepreneurs who need to propose a venture or project. Use this spreadsheet to display how much your proposal will cost, how much revenue will be generated, and at what point will cash flows become positive and reach "break-even point".


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This spreadsheet includes Sales Revenue, Operating Expense, Salary Expense input tabs. These tabs allow you to insert your own data to be automatically reflected by the Pro Forma Summary tab. The final tab shows graphs and break-even charts that give a visual representation of the pro forma results. All user inputs are displayed in blue font, calculations in green, and results in black.  

The Sales Revenue tab lists the Units Sold, Revenue, and Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) for each product per quarter over multiple years. The Operating Expense tab lists expenses by each department per quarter over the years. The Total Expense and Grand Total Expense lines automatically update based on your input. The Salary Expense tab displays data by Department Salary as well as Department Position. The Pro Forma Summary tab takes inputs from the previous tabs and summarizes them in a pro forma model, including Gross Revenue, COGS, Gross Margin, Expenses, and Net Profit.