A real-world example of this is the tech giant, Apple. During their onboarding process, new hires are told about the company's history, starting from its inception in a garage to becoming one of the most valuable companies in the world. This narrative not only instills a sense of pride in the employees but also motivates them to contribute to the company's ongoing success story.

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The onboarding process for global companies like Google or Apple might differ in terms of scale and complexity. These companies operate in multiple countries and cultures, so they need to ensure that their shared values and team culture are understood and embraced universally. This could involve tailored onboarding programs that take into account local customs and values, while still aligning with the company's overall mission and culture. They might also use advanced technology and resources to deliver consistent onboarding experiences across different locations. Furthermore, they might have more comprehensive programs to cover their wide range of policies, rules, and expectations.

Some other examples of essential employment rules that a company might include in its onboarding handbook to demonstrate its commitment to inclusivity and legality could be policies on non-discrimination, harassment, and retaliation, diversity and inclusion initiatives, reasonable accommodations for disabilities, religious observances, and pregnancy, as well as rules regarding fair labor standards, wage and hour laws, and family and medical leave rights. It's also important to include a code of conduct that outlines expected behaviors and ethics in the workplace.

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