When people have different opinions, they often argue. But if we first find something we both agree on, the conversation becomes more positive. This is like playing a game with a friend. If you both agree on the rules before starting, the game is more fun and less likely to end in a fight. This is the same with disagreements. If you both agree on some points or the desired result, the other person is more likely to stay open-minded and less likely to get defensive while you find a solution.

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Here are a few examples of how to get the other person saying 'yes, yes' immediately:

1. If you're in a sales meeting, you could start by asking if the client is looking to improve their business. Most likely, they will say 'yes'.

2. In a negotiation, you could ask the other party if they also want to find a solution that benefits both sides. This is a common ground that both parties would agree on.

3. If you're in a disagreement with a friend, you could ask if they value your friendship and want to resolve the issue. This would likely get a 'yes' response.

Remember, the goal is to find common ground that both parties can agree on to set a positive tone for the conversation.

Principle 5: Get the other person saying 'yes, yes' immediately is a communication strategy used to establish a positive tone in a conversation. It involves finding common ground or points of agreement at the beginning of a discussion. This approach helps to keep the other person open and less defensive as it fosters a sense of collaboration and mutual understanding. It's particularly useful in negotiations or disagreements, where it's crucial to maintain a constructive and positive atmosphere.

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