A business can use a strategic group analysis map to understand its position in the market by identifying its competitors and categorizing them based on key strategic dimensions such as price point, product quality, target market, etc. This allows the business to see where it stands in relation to its competitors and identify potential opportunities or threats. It can also help the business to identify gaps in the market that it could potentially exploit.

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Businesses can use several strategies to compete in a high competition market. They can differentiate their products or services, focus on a niche market, create strong brand recognition, provide superior customer service, and leverage technology for efficiency and innovation. They can also use competitive pricing, strategic partnerships, and continuous improvement in their product or service offerings. It's also important to keep an eye on market trends and adapt quickly to changes.

Businesses can adopt several strategies to become the next Tesla. First, they can focus on innovation and technology, as Tesla has done with its electric vehicles and self-driving technology. Second, they can build a strong brand that stands for sustainability and forward-thinking, much like Tesla. Third, they can strive for operational excellence and efficiency, which is key to competing in the auto industry. Lastly, they can engage in strategic partnerships and collaborations to accelerate growth and expansion.

Businesses can compete with Tesla by focusing on innovation, improving their manufacturing processes, and offering unique features that Tesla doesn't. They can also focus on specific markets where Tesla is not dominant, or offer competitive pricing. Additionally, they can invest in research and development to come up with new technologies and better electric vehicles. They can also leverage their existing brand reputation and customer base to compete with Tesla.

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