Automakers can effectively implement digital transformation in their operations by embracing technology and integrating it into their business models. This could include developing software for fully connected cars, offering subscription services for additional features, and using data analytics to improve customer experience and operational efficiency. They should also invest in training their workforce to adapt to new technologies and collaborate with tech companies to stay at the forefront of innovation. It's also crucial to have a clear digital strategy that aligns with their overall business goals.

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The shift towards digital transformation in the automaking industry aligns with broader digital transformation initiatives by focusing on the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business, fundamentally changing how businesses operate and deliver value to customers. In the context of the automaking industry, this shift is evident in the introduction of subscription services, new software, and fully connected cars. These changes are transforming cars from mere modes of transportation to advanced computers on wheels, reflecting a broader trend of digitalization and connectivity in various industries.

Digital transformation in the automaking industry has several practical applications. One of the most prominent is the development of connected cars, which are essentially computers on wheels. These vehicles are equipped with software that allows for a range of digital features and subscription services, such as remote start, dash cam features, and heated seats. Automakers are also using digital transformation to shift their business models. For example, General Motors plans to add 50 new digital features and subscription services to its cars by 2026, with the aim of building a Netflix-sized subscription service business by 2030. This shows that digital transformation is not only changing the way cars are built and function, but also how they are sold and used.

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