Sales managers can plan better with an up-to-date sales funnel as it provides visibility into the sales process. This visibility allows for more accurate revenue estimates, better planning, and improved management of sales funnels to win more deals. It also helps in identifying bottlenecks in the sales process and taking corrective actions promptly.

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There are several ways to improve sales planning. One of the most effective methods is to use a sales pipeline management tool, like the one mentioned in the content. This tool allows sales teams, individual reps, and managers to visualize and manage their sales funnels, leading to more accurate revenue estimates and better planning. Additionally, regular training and development programs for the sales team can enhance their skills and improve sales planning. Implementing a robust CRM system can also help in tracking customer interactions and managing leads effectively. Lastly, setting clear and realistic sales targets and regularly reviewing and adjusting these targets can also improve sales planning.

A sales team can ensure their pipeline is fully customizable by using a Kanban-style pipeline. This type of pipeline can be tailored to any sales workflow specifications. It also includes a dashboard to track top KPI metrics. This tool can be used by sales teams, individual reps, or sales managers who collect and track everyone's data all in one place. When everyone has visibility into an up-to-date sales funnel, estimated revenues are more accurate, managers can better plan ahead, and reps can better manage their funnels to win more deals.

There are several ways to improve revenue estimates. One way is to use a sales pipeline tool, like the one mentioned in the content, which can provide visibility into the sales funnel and help managers plan ahead. Other methods include improving forecasting accuracy by using historical data and trend analysis, implementing a robust CRM system to track customer interactions and sales opportunities, and regularly reviewing and adjusting estimates based on actual sales performance.

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