Students and recent graduates can make their resume stand out by including their GPA, emphasizing their field of study and academic achievements, listing relevant internships, projects, and jobs. They should also use plenty of action verbs, like 'developed', 'lead', 'controlled', etc.

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The 'Unidade' layout is particularly beneficial for students and recent graduates who may lack extensive work experience. It allows them to highlight their academic achievements, such as their GPA, field of study, relevant internships, projects, and jobs. The use of action verbs like 'developed', 'lead', 'controlled', etc., can also help to showcase their skills and experiences.

Including relevant jobs in a resume is important because it shows potential employers that you have experience in the field you're applying for. It demonstrates that you have already acquired certain skills and knowledge related to the job, which can make you a more attractive candidate. It also helps to show that you're focused and committed to that particular field.

When choosing action verbs for your resume, consider the job you're applying for and select verbs that best describe your abilities in that context. Use a variety of verbs to avoid repetition and to demonstrate a range of skills. Some examples of action verbs include 'developed', 'lead', 'controlled', etc. Remember, the verbs should accurately represent your skills and experiences.

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