The Session Goals slide can be utilized to keep meetings concise and focused by outlining the goals for each session. This provides a clear roadmap for what needs to be achieved during the meeting, helping to keep discussions on track and avoid unnecessary diversions. It can also be used to differentiate between remote and in-person meetings using tags, which can help in setting the right expectations and preparations for each type of meeting.

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Most executives consider 67% of meetings to be ineffective because they often lack clear goals, are poorly managed, and can result in miscommunication, especially in the context of remote meetings. The rise of remote meetings via platforms like Zoom has also led to shorter meeting lengths, which can further exacerbate these issues if not properly managed. To make meetings more effective, it's important to outline clear goals for each session, manage time effectively, and ensure clear communication, whether the meeting is remote or in person.

The rise of Zoom calls has significantly shortened the average length of meetings. Most meetings now last 30 minutes or less. This is likely due to the focused and efficient nature of virtual meetings, where distractions are minimized and agendas can be more strictly adhered to.

Tagging meetings as remote or in-person is significant as it helps in setting the right expectations and preparations for the participants. For remote meetings, participants may need to ensure they have a stable internet connection, a quiet environment, and necessary software like Zoom installed. For in-person meetings, participants may need to arrange for travel and accommodate the meeting into their physical schedule. It also helps in understanding the meeting dynamics as remote and in-person meetings can have different levels of engagement and interaction.

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