To ensure that your business's purpose, vision, and origin align with each other, you need to have a clear understanding of each of these elements. Your business's origin is its roots, where it has the most credibility. Your purpose should be concise and clear, ideally expressed in 12 words or less. Your vision is a clear picture of the future of your business. To align these elements, they should all point in the same direction and support each other. For example, if your business's origin is in sustainable products, your purpose could be to provide eco-friendly solutions, and your vision could be a world where sustainable products are the norm.

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To ensure your brand's purpose is communicated in 12 words or less, you should focus on the core values and mission of your brand. Simplify and condense these into a concise, clear statement that encapsulates what your brand stands for and aims to achieve. This statement should be easily understandable and memorable.

The content does not provide specific examples of brands that have successfully identified and ridden a business wave. However, some well-known examples from the business world include Apple, which rode the wave of digital music with the iPod and later the smartphone wave with the iPhone; Netflix, which identified and capitalized on the trend of streaming services; and Amazon, which leveraged the e-commerce wave.

To effectively communicate your brand's origin to your audience, you should first have a clear understanding of your brand's history and values. This includes knowing who your business is, where it has the most credibility, and what your purpose is. You should be able to articulate your brand's vision and the future of your business. It's also important to understand the current or future trends that your business is riding. Knowing your top competitors and what makes your business unique can also help in communicating your brand's origin. Lastly, finding ways to engage your brand loyalists can also help in spreading the word about your brand's origin.

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