These principles contributed to Apple's success by ensuring that the company's products were always presented in a professional and creative manner. This approach set a positive tone for the customer's perception of the product, which in turn influenced their overall opinion of Apple as a company. The tactile experience of opening an iPhone box, for example, was designed to create a positive first impression and reinforce the high quality of the product.

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There are several ways to set the tone for how a customer perceives a product. One way is through the product's packaging. The tactile experience of opening a product's box can greatly influence a customer's perception. Another way is through the product's presentation. If a product is presented in a creative and professional manner, customers are likely to perceive it as such. Additionally, the quality of the product itself can set the tone for how it is perceived. If a product is high-quality and well-made, it will likely be perceived as such by customers.

Steve Jobs's principles greatly impacted the customer experience. He believed that the presentation of a product or a company sends signals to the customer. If a product is presented as slipshod, it will be perceived as such. On the other hand, if the company presents them in a creative professional manner, customers will impute the desired qualities. This principle was at the core of Jobs's approach to products. He understood that even the tactile experience of opening an iPhone box sets the tone for how the customer perceives the product.

Some examples of products that have been perceived positively due to their presentation include Apple's iPhone and other products. The company's attention to detail in packaging and presentation, from the design of the box to the arrangement of the product and accessories inside, has been lauded for enhancing the overall customer experience. Other examples include luxury goods like high-end watches and jewelry, where the presentation box often matches the quality and craftsmanship of the product itself.

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