An adaptive strategy helps businesses in times of turbulence and uncertainty by allowing them to be flexible and responsive to changes. It enables businesses to adjust their plans and strategies based on the current market conditions and trends. This is particularly useful when forecasts are no longer reliable enough to create accurate and durable plans. In such situations, an adaptive strategy can help businesses navigate through the uncertainties and maintain their competitiveness.

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Shifting from a classical approach to an adaptive strategy in industries experiencing increased turbulence and uncertainty can have several implications. Firstly, it allows businesses to be more flexible and responsive to changes in the market. This can lead to improved competitiveness and resilience. Secondly, it may require a change in organizational culture and structure, as an adaptive strategy often requires a more decentralized decision-making process. Lastly, it may lead to increased innovation, as businesses are encouraged to experiment and take risks in order to adapt to changing circumstances.

A manufacturing company can apply the adaptive strategy by being flexible and responsive to changes in the market. This involves constantly monitoring the business environment, identifying changes, and adjusting strategies accordingly. It may include diversifying product lines, investing in new technologies, or changing operational processes. The key is to be prepared for uncertainty and be able to react quickly and effectively when changes occur.

An adaptive strategy is a business approach that is used when the business environment is too unpredictable for long-term plans to be reliable. This strategy has become more relevant since the 1980s due to increased turbulence and uncertainty in the business world. Industries that traditionally used a classical approach may need to consider an adaptive strategy. This strategy involves constant learning, testing, and adapting to keep up with the changing environment.

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