Brick-and-mortar retailers can employ several strategies to combat the challenge of growing online shopping trends. One strategy is to leverage partnerships with online retailers, similar to how Kohl's accepted Amazon returns to drive foot traffic into their stores. This not only increased their foot traffic but also boosted their new customer acquisition rates. Other strategies could include enhancing in-store experiences, offering exclusive in-store products, providing excellent customer service, and integrating online and offline shopping experiences through methods like 'click and collect' or 'buy online, pick up in store'.

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While it's difficult to predict future trends with certainty, the success of the Kohl's and Amazon collaboration does suggest that similar partnerships could be beneficial for other retailers. The partnership increased foot traffic and attracted new customers to Kohl's, which could potentially translate to increased sales. This strategy could be particularly effective for brick-and-mortar retailers looking to compete with online shopping platforms. However, the success of such partnerships would likely depend on a variety of factors, including the specific retailers involved, their customer base, and the nature of the partnership.

The partnership between Kohl's and Amazon has had a significant impact on the global retail industry. It has shown that strategic collaborations between online and brick-and-mortar retailers can drive increased foot traffic and sales. This partnership has also demonstrated how traditional retailers can leverage the popularity of online shopping platforms to attract new customers. In the case of Kohl's, the partnership with Amazon has reportedly drawn in 2 million new shoppers, a third of whom are millennials.

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