Some barriers to active listening include distractions, preconceived notions, and lack of focus. These can be overcome by creating a conducive environment for listening, keeping an open mind, and consciously making an effort to focus on the speaker.

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Active listening aligns with the psychology of relationships by fostering a sense of importance and worth in the other person. By listening intently and without interruption, we communicate that we value the other person's thoughts and time. This can strengthen the bond in a relationship, as it creates a balance where one is not dominating the conversation but rather allowing for a mutual exchange of ideas and feelings.

Some signs that a person is actively listening include: maintaining eye contact, nodding in agreement or understanding, providing verbal affirmations like 'uh-huh' or 'I see', asking relevant questions to clarify or deepen the conversation, and paraphrasing or summarizing what the speaker has said to ensure understanding.

Active listening contributes to personal growth by enhancing our understanding and empathy towards others. It helps us to learn from others' experiences and perspectives, thereby broadening our own. It also improves our communication skills, as we become better at understanding and responding to others. This can lead to stronger relationships and more effective teamwork, both of which are important for personal and professional growth.

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