The content does not provide specific case studies of businesses that have successfully undergone digital transformation. However, many companies across various industries have successfully embraced digital transformation. For instance, Netflix transitioned from a DVD rental service to a streaming giant, leveraging digital technology. Similarly, Domino's Pizza has significantly improved its business by integrating digital technology into its ordering and delivery processes. For more specific case studies, you might want to refer to resources from reputable business and technology consulting firms.

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Digital transformation aligns with overall business strategy by allowing businesses to evolve and keep up with the rapidly changing digital landscape. It provides common frameworks that can help businesses embrace new opportunities to improve operations and drive growth. Advice from experts like McKinsey & Co can further aid in unlocking success in digital transformation.

There are several ways to overcome resistance to digital transformation within a company. Firstly, it's important to communicate the benefits of digital transformation clearly to all stakeholders. This includes explaining how it can improve operations and drive growth. Secondly, providing training and support can help employees adapt to new technologies and processes. Thirdly, leadership should lead by example, embracing new technologies and promoting a culture of innovation. Lastly, it's beneficial to start with small, manageable projects to demonstrate the benefits of digital transformation before scaling up.

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