Coping strategies for individuals diagnosed with terminal illnesses can include seeking support from loved ones, joining a support group, focusing on what brings joy and fulfillment, maintaining a sense of normalcy, and seeking professional help such as counseling or therapy. It's also important to communicate openly about feelings and fears, and to plan for the future, including end-of-life care and wishes.

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'Chasing Daylight' depicts the process of coming to terms with a terminal illness diagnosis through the personal journey of Eugene O'Kelly, the former CEO of KPMG. After being diagnosed with brain cancer and given three months to live, O'Kelly shares his experiences from diagnosis to the process of dying. The book provides a raw and intimate look into his final days and how he chose to live them.

Some other books that explore the theme of legacy in the context of a high-stress career include 'The Last Lecture' by Randy Pausch, 'When Breath Becomes Air' by Paul Kalanithi, and 'Tuesdays with Morrie' by Mitch Albom. These books, like , delve into the experiences of individuals facing life-altering situations and how they choose to spend their remaining time, often reflecting on their careers and the legacies they will leave behind.

'Chasing Daylight' explores the theme of legacy through the story of Eugene O'Kelly, the former CEO of KPMG, who was diagnosed with brain cancer and given three months to live. The book chronicles his final days and how he chose to live them, providing a profound exploration of legacy as O'Kelly reflects on his life, his choices, and the impact he has had on others. It serves as a reminder that our legacy is not just about our professional achievements, but also about our personal relationships and the way we choose to live our lives, especially when faced with our own mortality.

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Chasing Daylight

This is a book that will resonate with anyone who is on a fast paced career path. Eugene O'Kelly, th...

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