Apple and Google have used several unique value propositions in their partnership proposals. For instance, Apple's unique value proposition often revolves around its innovative technology, user-friendly interface, and premium brand image. They leverage these aspects to offer potential partners a chance to associate with a globally recognized brand and access to their vast user base. On the other hand, Google's value proposition is its dominance in the digital advertising space and its extensive suite of online services. They offer potential partners access to advanced advertising tools and a chance to leverage their powerful search engine and other platforms like YouTube, Google Maps, etc.

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A company can highlight its core competencies and strategic capabilities through various strategies. One way is by focusing on its unique value proposition, which can include innovative ideas or strategy pillars that competitors have not yet explored. The company can also emphasize its commitment to quality, customer service, or other areas where it excels. Additionally, the company can leverage its internal strengths, such as a talented workforce, strong leadership, or efficient processes. It's also beneficial to communicate these strengths effectively to stakeholders through marketing and branding efforts.

A company's history of successful collaborations can significantly influence potential partners' perception and decision-making. It serves as a testament to the company's ability to work effectively with others, manage projects, and deliver results. This history can instill confidence in potential partners, making them more likely to engage in a partnership. It can also provide a competitive edge over other companies that lack such a track record.

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