Some innovative sales channels a business could explore include online marketplaces, social media platforms, mobile apps, affiliate marketing, and influencer partnerships. Additionally, businesses can also consider direct-to-consumer models, subscription services, and partnerships with other businesses for cross-promotion.

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Some strategies to optimize a business's cost structure include: reducing overhead costs, improving operational efficiency, outsourcing non-core activities, and negotiating with suppliers for better prices. It's also important to regularly review and analyze the cost structure to identify any areas of wastage or inefficiency.

A business can identify its key partners by analyzing its business model and operations. Key partners are usually those who play a significant role in the business's value chain. They can be suppliers, distributors, business allies, or any entity that contributes to the business's ability to serve its customers. It's important to consider the role each potential partner plays in the business, their contribution to the business's value proposition, and their impact on revenue streams and cost structure.

Key resources in a business can include physical resources like buildings, vehicles, and equipment; intellectual resources like patents, licenses, and customer databases; human resources like employees and their skills; and financial resources like cash, credit lines, and stock. These resources are essential for the functioning and success of a business.

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