Some key considerations when implementing the Deloitte Governance Framework include board oversight and responsibilities, committee authorities, organizational design, staff development, performance, contribution, and compliance.

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Some ways to improve the effectiveness of the Governing Operating Model include enhancing board oversight and responsibilities, refining committee authorities, and optimizing organizational design. It's also beneficial to focus on staff development and ensure compliance with the Deloitte Governance Framework.

The Deloitte Governance Framework impacts staff compliance by setting clear expectations and guidelines for staff behavior and performance. It provides a structure for accountability and responsibility, which helps ensure that staff members comply with company policies and procedures. The framework also includes oversight mechanisms, such as board oversight and committee authorities, which monitor staff compliance and address any issues that arise.

Staff compliance in the Deloitte Governance Framework can include adhering to the established organizational design, following the responsibilities set by the board, and complying with committee authorities. It also involves contributing positively to the organization and maintaining high performance standards.

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