The San Francisco Bay area has become a hub for startups due to several key factors. Firstly, the area has a self-sustaining talent pool, which is attractive to new businesses. Secondly, many venture capitalists have historically limited their investments to local places where they could attend board meetings, leading to a concentration of funding in the area. However, the advent of remote work has begun to change this dynamic.

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Venture capitalists play a significant role in the geographical distribution of startups. Traditionally, many venture capitalists preferred to invest in local startups where they could easily attend board meetings. This led to a concentration of startups in areas like the San Francisco Bay area, which became a self-sustaining hub for talent. However, the advent of remote work has significantly changed this, allowing startups to be distributed more widely.

The founders of Dropbox benefited from moving their company from Boston to San Francisco as it allowed them to be in a self-sustaining hub for talent. The San Francisco Bay area is known for its concentration of tech companies and venture capitalists, which could have provided Dropbox with better opportunities for networking, hiring, and funding. Additionally, many venture capitalists prefer to invest in local places where they can attend board meetings, which could have increased Dropbox's chances of securing investment. However, it's important to note that the necessity of being in a specific location has lessened with the rise of remote work.

Some successful startups that originated outside of the traditional tech hubs include Chewy, which started in Florida, Epic Games, which is based in North Carolina, and Carvana, which was founded and remains in Tempe, Arizona. Additionally, many companies, such as Dropbox, moved to tech hubs like the San Francisco Bay area later in their development.

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