When developing a new product, some key metrics to consider include user growth, user retention, time-on-app, and referral rate. These metrics provide measurable outcomes that can be tracked over time to ensure the product development is going according to plan. It's important to continually cross-reference these metrics against the product roadmap.

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There are several types of product roadmaps, each serving a different purpose. A few common types include:

1. **Vision Roadmap**: This type outlines the long-term goals and vision of the product. It's less about specific features and more about the overall direction of the product.

2. **Strategy Roadmap**: This type focuses on the strategic objectives of the product. It aligns the product's development with the company's strategic goals.

3. **Features Roadmap**: This type is more detailed and focuses on specific features that will be developed in the product. It's often used by product teams to plan and track the development process.

4. **Release Roadmap**: This type outlines when specific features or versions of the product will be released. It's often used by marketing teams to plan product launches.

5. **Technology/IT Roadmap**: This type focuses on the technological aspects of the product, such as infrastructure, architecture, and technical debt.

Each type of roadmap serves a different purpose and is used by different stakeholders within a company. The choice of roadmap depends on the specific needs and goals of the product and the company.

A product roadmap is a strategic document that outlines the vision, direction, and progress of a product over time. It serves as a guide for all stakeholders, providing a clear picture of what the product is expected to achieve and how it will evolve. It helps align the team's efforts towards a common goal and facilitates decision-making by prioritizing features and tasks based on the product's strategic objectives. It also serves as a communication tool, helping to manage expectations and keep all stakeholders informed about the product's development.

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