Some other frameworks that can be used to define a strategy like the Strategic Triangle (3C's) framework include the Market Attractiveness Framework and the AcdB model. The Market Attractiveness Framework allows for a comprehensive analysis of the market including factors like Market Size, Growth Rate, Institutional Contexts, Competition, Cultural and Economic Distance. The AcdB model, on the other hand, helps in redefining the strategy around your venture's compelling story by examining the current position, defining vision and mapping out an effective direction.

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The Strategic Triangle (3C's) framework is used in business strategy to analyze a company's competitive position. It helps in understanding the relationship between customers, competitors, and the company. The framework can be used to define the company's strategy and to identify measures that can be taken to improve its competitive position. It can also be used to communicate the company's position to stakeholders.

The AcdB model can contribute to the success of a venture's compelling story by helping to redefine the strategy if necessary. It allows for an examination of the current position, defining a vision, and mapping out an effective direction. This can strengthen the argument for the future of the venture, making the story more compelling.

The potential outcomes of a portfolio analysis using the Market Attractiveness Framework can include insights into market size, growth rate, institutional contexts, competition, and cultural and economic distance. This analysis can help redefine the strategy around your venture's compelling story, examine the current position, define vision, and map out an effective direction. It can also help demonstrate the competitive position in relation to customers, products, and channels, define your strategy, and explain the measures that can be taken to drive improvements.

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