You can congratulate executives on outstanding yearly performance by organizing an appreciation event, giving them a personalized gift or bonus, writing a heartfelt thank you note, or publicly acknowledging their achievements in a company meeting or newsletter. You can also consider promoting them or giving them more responsibilities as a sign of trust and recognition.

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Apart from the usual KPIs, team performance can also be measured by assessing employee engagement, diversity and inclusion efforts, and learning and development. Other metrics could include team cohesion, individual skill development, and the ability to meet deadlines.

This resource can be used to highlight exceptional quarterly growth by showcasing where your KPIs exceeded expectations. It can be used to congratulate your fellow executives on outstanding performance and highlight the biggest wins of the year.

Some other ways to measure exceptional quarterly growth could include tracking the increase in customer base, the expansion of market share, the growth in sales volume, the rise in net profit margin, or the improvement in operational efficiency. It's also important to consider qualitative factors such as customer satisfaction, employee morale, and brand reputation.

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Use our Appreciation deck to highlight big wins and give teammates the recognition and acknowledgmen...

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