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Want to appreciate your team before the end of the year? Use our Team Appreciation resource to highlight your biggest wins. Congratulate your fellow execs on outstanding yearly performance. Showcase exceptional quarterly growth and where your KPIs exceeded expectations. Plus, use this resource to measure employee engagement, diversity and inclusion efforts, learning and development, and so much more.

Download and customize this and 500+ other business templates

Tool highlights

Team member spotlight

Spotlight an exceptional performer along with progress bars for how much they've accomplished. (Slide 6)

Top accomplishments

Highlight your reach and scale for this year alongside progress reports on specific initiatives. (Slide 17)

Awards selection criteria

Communicate criteria for rewards across job excellence, customer service, exemplary performance and teamwork. Use the grading rubric on the right-hand side so all internal stakeholders know how the awards process will be conducted. (Slide 20)

Download and customize this and 500+ other business templates

Maslow's hierarchy of employee engagement

Demonstrate to all stakeholders what engagement looks like so everyone can achieve their highest potential. When all stakeholders speak a shared language for personal fulfillment at work, potential can be unlocked through the discovery of root causes behind demotivators. Separately, motivators can be identified and activated to encourage higher fulfillment. (Slide 21)

Learning and development dashboard

Onboarding is just the beginning of the learning and development process. This dashboard visualization can help keep track of where all execs are at in their continuing education process. (Slide 26)

Diversity and inclusion survey

It's important to understand how inclusive your workplace is. This diversity and inclusion survey can be used to poll employees to rate how successful your inclusion efforts have been across key areas like workplace equity, career growth, voice and decision-making. If you achieve favorable equity across your organization, it can foster a sense of broader purpose and lead to higher motivation at work across all stakeholders. (Slide 25)

Download and customize this and 500+ other business templates