Some strategies for managing internal and external stakeholders in a project include identifying all stakeholders and their interests, maintaining open and regular communication, managing their expectations, and ensuring their needs and concerns are addressed. It's also important to involve them in decision-making processes where appropriate, and to manage any conflicts or issues that arise promptly and effectively.

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Effective task triage in project management can be achieved through several strategies. First, prioritize tasks based on their urgency and importance. Second, delegate tasks appropriately among team members based on their skills and workload. Third, use project management tools to track and manage tasks. Fourth, regularly review and adjust task priorities as needed. Lastly, communicate effectively with the team to ensure everyone is aware of their responsibilities and deadlines.

A project manager can ensure that all tasks are completed on time by creating a detailed project plan that includes all tasks, their dependencies, and deadlines. They should also monitor the progress of the project regularly and adjust the plan as necessary. Communication is key in project management, so the project manager should keep all stakeholders informed about the project's progress and any changes to the plan. They can also use project management tools to track tasks and deadlines.

Not properly managing stakeholders in a project can lead to several negative implications. These can include miscommunication, lack of stakeholder engagement and support, potential conflicts, and ultimately, project failure. Stakeholders have a significant influence on the project's success, and their needs and expectations must be properly managed and met. If not, it can lead to dissatisfaction, which can negatively impact the project's progress and outcome.

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