Some strategies to increase the percentage of projects that continue to improve after their launch include: 1. Regular monitoring and evaluation of project performance. 2. Implementing a continuous improvement plan that includes regular updates and improvements based on feedback and performance metrics. 3. Training and development of project team members to enhance their skills and capabilities. 4. Encouraging a culture of innovation and continuous improvement within the project team. 5. Regular communication and engagement with all project stakeholders to ensure their buy-in and support for the project.

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A business can ensure the sustainability of their process improvement projects by continuously monitoring and evaluating the progress of the projects. This includes identifying any areas of regression and taking corrective action. It's also important to involve employees in the process and provide them with the necessary training and resources. Additionally, setting realistic goals and expectations can help in maintaining the momentum of the project.

Continuous improvement in process improvement projects can lead to significant efficiency gains. For instance, initial improvements can average around 10%, and these gains can increase to 20% after a year and 31% after two years. However, it's important to note that continuous improvement is necessary to maintain and further these gains. Without it, many projects may regress or fail to yield any improvements.

A business can mitigate the risks of project failure in process improvement by implementing a robust project management system, setting clear and achievable goals, providing adequate resources and training to the team, and continuously monitoring and evaluating the progress of the project. It's also important to foster a culture of continuous improvement and learning from past mistakes. Regular communication and feedback can also help in identifying potential issues early and taking corrective action.

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