Some trends in productivity tools include the use of digital platforms for task management, time tracking, and team collaboration. Tools like Asana and Vox Media are popular for their ability to help teams stay organized and manage their tasks efficiently. The Productivity Planner fits into these trends as it provides a structured way to plan and track progress, which is a common feature in many productivity tools. It can be used in conjunction with digital tools to enhance productivity.

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The content does not provide specific tips from productivity experts at Asana and Vox Media for using the Productivity Planner. However, it suggests that using a productivity routine can help maintain discipline and track progress. It also mentions the use of a resource deck in light or dark color themes.

Some strategies for maintaining productivity when working from home include establishing a solid productivity routine, keeping a disciplined schedule, and regularly checking progress. Using resources such as productivity decks can also be beneficial. Advice from productivity experts at companies like Asana and Vox Media can also be helpful.

The content does not provide specific ways to customize the Productivity Planner. However, generally, customization can be achieved by prioritizing tasks based on individual needs, setting personal deadlines, and incorporating personal productivity methods.

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