Common setbacks in the process of innovation include doubts, failures, and uncertainty. These can often discourage individuals and teams, causing them to abandon their creative efforts. However, these setbacks are a normal part of the innovation process and can be overcome with tenacity, commitment, and a willingness to learn from failures.

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The process of forgiving failure contributes to creative confidence by allowing individuals to learn from their mistakes and grow. It encourages tenacity and commitment, which are crucial for innovation. By not giving up and continuing to take action, individuals can build their confidence in their creative abilities. With practice and repetition, this confidence can become a skill that anyone can learn.

Some ways to enhance tenacity in the process of creativity include learning from failures, refusing to give in to setbacks, and practicing and repeating creative efforts. By doing so, confidence in creative abilities grows and the skill to experiment and implement becomes learned.

The process of commitment contributes to creative confidence by fostering resilience and tenacity in the face of setbacks and failures. By committing to a creative endeavor, individuals are more likely to persevere through challenges, learn from their mistakes, and ultimately grow their confidence in their creative abilities. This commitment to action and learning, despite uncertainty, helps to build the creative confidence necessary for innovation.

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