The key steps in creating a 1-page marketing plan include defining your marketing strategy, identifying your target market niche, understanding your prospects' needs and wants, setting your prices, and creating a tribe of loyal customers. It's also important to position your business in a way that you are perceived as a welcomed guest rather than a marketing pest. Lastly, you should aim to receive successful referrals.

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A 1-page marketing plan can be evaluated for effectiveness by measuring the return on investment it generates. This can be done by tracking the increase in customer acquisition, retention, and value realization after implementing the plan. Additionally, the effectiveness can be gauged by the success of the marketing strategies defined in the plan, such as pursuing a tighter market niche, understanding customer behavior, and raising prices. The perception of the business as a welcomed guest rather than a marketing pest, and the creation of a loyal customer tribe and successful referrals can also indicate the effectiveness of the plan.

The content does not provide specific examples of successful 1-page marketing plans. However, it mentions a practical and uncomplicated 1-page marketing plan that focuses on defining your marketing strategy, understanding your prospects, raising prices, and creating a loyal customer base.

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