Not having a strong onboarding process can lead to several negative impacts. It can result in lower productivity, as organizations with a strong onboarding process have been shown to improve productivity by over 70%. It can also lead to lower employee engagement and retention, as employees who are not properly onboarded may not feel connected to the organization and may be more likely to leave. Additionally, it can lead to lower performance, as engaged employees are more likely to show excellent performance.

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A 70% increase in productivity due to a strong onboarding process can lead to several potential benefits. Firstly, it can significantly boost the overall output of the organization, leading to higher profits. Secondly, it can improve employee engagement and satisfaction, as employees who are more productive are often more engaged and satisfied with their work. Thirdly, it can reduce employee turnover, as employees who are productive and engaged are less likely to leave the organization. Lastly, it can enhance the organization's reputation, as high productivity levels can be a sign of a well-run, efficient organization.

A company can ensure its employees are exercising their strengths daily by creating an environment that encourages the use of these strengths. This can be done through regular feedback and recognition, providing opportunities for growth and development, and implementing strength-based training programs. Additionally, managers should be trained to identify and leverage the strengths of their team members. It's also important to align tasks and projects with employees' strengths whenever possible.

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