The societal implications of Silicon Valley's business practices are significant. The lack of government regulation and weak antitrust legislation has led to a culture where a few powerful individuals can influence the world's greatest technology companies. This has resulted in the destruction of industries, dubious pressure tactics, and a news environment that prioritizes clicks over quality and truth. These practices have also endangered national security and the welfare of individuals globally.

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Some examples of Silicon Valley companies cornering culture include the destruction of the music industry and the livelihoods of countless artists, the practice of dubious pressure tactics to force the hand of content providers, and the facilitation of a news environment that prioritizes clicks over quality and truth. These companies have used their influence to escape prosecution for the damage their business practices have caused, and they fiercely oppose any threat to their business model, which thrives on advertising revenue at all costs.

The government can regulate the influence of money in Silicon Valley by implementing stronger antitrust legislation and regulations. This could include measures to prevent monopolies, promote competition, and ensure fair business practices. Additionally, the government could enforce stricter rules on advertising revenue models to protect national security and individual welfare. It could also establish regulations to ensure the quality and truthfulness of news content.

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