The content does not provide specific details on the ten types of innovation that drive progress. However, based on general knowledge, the ten types of innovation can include: Business Model, Network, Structure, Process, Product Performance, Product System, Service, Channel, Brand, and Customer Engagement. Each of these types provides a different way to help drive progress within a company or industry.

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A good template for things your sales organization can start, continue, and stop could be as follows:

1. Implementing a CRM system for better customer management.
2. Regular training sessions to improve sales skills.
3. Using data analytics to understand customer behavior and trends.

1. Building strong relationships with customers.
2. Regularly updating product knowledge.
3. Setting clear and achievable sales targets.

1. Neglecting follow-ups with potential customers.
2. Ignoring customer feedback.
3. Relying solely on traditional sales methods.

Remember, this is a general template and should be customized based on your organization's specific needs and circumstances.

The practical steps to implement the ten types of innovation in a business setting could include: 1. Identifying the type of innovation that best suits your business needs. 2. Developing a clear understanding of the innovation and how it can be applied to your business. 3. Creating a strategic plan that outlines how the innovation will be implemented. 4. Allocating resources and assigning responsibilities for the implementation of the innovation. 5. Monitoring and evaluating the implementation process to ensure it is on track and achieving the desired results. 6. Making necessary adjustments to the implementation plan based on feedback and evaluation results.

The ten types of innovation framework can be used to drive progress in a stagnant company by providing a structured approach to innovation. This framework can help identify areas of potential innovation that may have been overlooked, and can guide the development of new products, services, or processes. It can also help to align the company's innovation efforts with its strategic goals, and can provide a basis for measuring the success of these efforts. By focusing on these ten types of innovation, a company can move beyond incremental improvements to existing offerings, and can instead pursue more transformative innovations that can drive significant progress.

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