A trader falls under the 'Self-Employed' category in the Cash Flow Quadrant. This is because traders typically work for themselves, trading stocks, commodities, or other assets. They are responsible for their own income and do not have employees or systems working for them. They earn money based on their individual skills and efforts.

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The Cash Quadrant Flow is a concept from Robert Kiyosaki's book Rich Dad Poor Dad. It's a model that represents four ways in which income or profit is earned.

1. Employee (E): They work for others and their income comes from a job.
2. Self-Employed (S): They own their jobs and their income comes from their own business or profession.
3. Business Owner (B): They own a system or a business that generates income.
4. Investor (I): They invest money in businesses and their income comes from their investments.

The flow is about moving from the left side (E and S) to the right side (B and I) of the quadrant. This transition requires a change in mindset, financial education, and strategic planning. It's about creating and owning systems that generate income, rather than working for income.

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