Solving a symptom instead of the actual problem means addressing only the surface-level or immediate issues that are visible, rather than identifying and resolving the root cause of the problem. This approach may provide temporary relief, but it does not prevent the problem from recurring because the underlying cause remains unaddressed.

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To ensure a positive response from a client after a sales presentation, it's important to not waste the client's time and introduce the solution early on. Define the problem clearly, ensuring you're not just addressing a symptom. Make strong hypotheses and create your presentation slides in a professional manner. It's also crucial to listen to the client's needs and concerns, and address them effectively in your presentation.

One can avoid wasting the audience's time during a sales presentation by not over-selling and introducing the solution from the start. It's important to define the problem clearly, ensure that you're not just addressing a symptom, and make strong hypotheses. Creating slides like a consultant can also help in effectively conveying your message.

McKinsey & Company suggests several tips for creating effective sales pitch slides. First, define the problem clearly and ensure you are not just addressing a symptom. Second, make strong hypotheses. Lastly, create your slides like a consultant would, focusing on the solution from the beginning and not wasting your audience's time with over-selling.

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