According to Brené Brown's research, trust plays a crucial role in team and organizational success. It is one of the four learnable skills that underpin daring leadership, along with embracing vulnerability, living core values, and developing resilience. Trust holds teams and organizations together. In fact, companies with high levels of trust significantly outperform others, beating the average annualized returns of the S&P500 by a factor of three.

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The quote by Minouche Shafik, "In the past, jobs were about muscles, now they're about brains, but in the future they'll be about the heart," aligns with Brené Brown's research on leadership. Brown's research emphasizes the importance of emotional intelligence, vulnerability, and empathy in leadership, which can be interpreted as leading with the heart. Shafik's quote suggests a shift in the qualities valued in the workforce, moving from physical strength, to intellectual capability, and finally to emotional intelligence and empathy, which is the essence of Brown's daring leadership.

Brené Brown defines a daring leader as someone who embraces vulnerability, lives by their core values, braves trust, and develops resilience. A daring leader is also someone who takes up the responsibility to find the potential in people and is committed to developing that potential.

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