The number of links per founder in the context of a pitch deck signifies the number of investors to whom the founders are sending their pitch decks. An increase in this number indicates that founders are reaching out to more investors, which could be due to various reasons such as seeking more funding, expanding their network, or increasing their chances of securing an investment.

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The increase in unique links created could potentially lead to higher traffic and usage on the platform. This could result in increased server load and may require more resources to ensure smooth operation. Additionally, it could also lead to more data being generated, which could be used for analytics and to gain insights for further improvement of the platform.

The increase in unique links created implies that founders are sending pitch decks to more investors now than in the past. This could potentially increase the chances of securing funding as it broadens the pool of potential investors. It also indicates a more proactive approach by founders in seeking funding.

The potential risks associated with the increase in unique links created could include a higher chance of information leakage, as more links mean more potential points of failure. There could also be an increased risk of miscommunication or misunderstanding, as the information is being shared with a larger audience. Additionally, there could be a risk of diluting the impact of the pitch, as it is being presented to a larger number of investors.

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