The solution proposed by Alessandro Di Fiore for the issues with planning is agile planning.

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Agile planning can be adapted to suit different types of businesses by making it flexible and responsive to changes. It involves iterative and incremental work sequences known as sprints. The planning process is broken down into smaller, manageable parts, allowing for adjustments and refinements as the project progresses. This approach allows businesses to adapt quickly to changes and deliver value to customers faster.

The future of agile planning is promising as it offers a solution to the rigidity, slowness, and bureaucracy often associated with traditional planning methods. Agile planning allows for flexibility and adaptability, making it an increasingly popular choice among businesses of all sizes.

Agile planning trends are not explicitly mentioned in the content. However, based on general knowledge, some trends include the use of digital tools for better collaboration, increased focus on customer feedback, and continuous adaptation to changes.

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