The Notable clients section should include information about the significant clients you have worked with. This could include their names, the projects you worked on for them, and the impact of your work. It's a way to showcase your experience and the level of clients you are capable of handling.

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When preparing a presentation about the overall finance performance in FY 2023, consider the following points:

Start with an introduction that provides a brief overview of the financial year. This could include major financial events, changes in the market, or new policies that affected the company's finances.

Next, present a detailed analysis of the company's financial performance. This could include revenue, profit, expenses, and cash flow. Use charts and graphs to visualize the data and make it easier to understand.

Discuss the factors that contributed to the company's financial performance. This could include successful products or services, cost-saving measures, or strategic investments.

Compare the company's performance in FY 2023 with previous years. This will show whether the company is improving or declining.

Finally, provide a forecast for the next financial year based on current trends and future plans. This could include projected revenue, expected expenses, and potential challenges.

Remember to keep your presentation concise and engaging. Use clear, simple language and avoid jargon. Also, practice your presentation to ensure you can deliver it confidently and professionally.

Some strategies for standing out when applying for a job at a major tech company like Google or Facebook include having a clear and concise resume, showcasing your work experience effectively, using the STAR method to describe your achievements, having a diverse skillset, presenting project case studies, listing notable clients you've worked with, and highlighting your achievements. It's also beneficial to have recommendations and a portfolio to showcase your work.

In addition to this template, other resources that could be beneficial when applying for a new job include a well-crafted cover letter, professional references, and a portfolio of relevant work. It may also be helpful to have a list of potential interview questions and well-thought-out responses, as well as research on the company you're applying to. Networking can also be a valuable resource in the job application process.

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