Cheap office space was a better business idea for WeWork because it addressed a real problem. Unlike the kneepads for babies idea, which was not addressing a significant issue as babies have crawled on their own for centuries, cheap office space provided a solution to a genuine need in the market. Many businesses, especially startups and small businesses, struggle with finding affordable office spaces. WeWork's model of providing such spaces filled this gap, making it a more viable and successful business idea.

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A business can pivot by reassessing their business model, identifying a new problem that needs solving, and developing a solution for it. This may involve market research, customer feedback, and brainstorming sessions. The new problem and solution should be compelling enough to attract investors. It's also important to communicate the pivot effectively to stakeholders, including investors, to gain their support.

Some strategies for showcasing problem-solving in a pitch deck include: 1. Clearly defining the problem: Start by explaining the problem your business aims to solve. This sets the stage for your solution. 2. Presenting your solution: After defining the problem, present your solution. This should be clear and concise. 3. Demonstrating your solution's effectiveness: Use data, case studies, or testimonials to show how your solution effectively solves the problem. 4. Comparing with alternatives: Show how your solution is better than other existing solutions. This could be in terms of cost, efficiency, or other factors. 5. Showing your plan: Outline your plan for implementing your solution. This shows that you have a clear path forward.

A business can use customer feedback to identify a real problem by actively listening to their customers' experiences, complaints, and suggestions. This feedback can highlight areas where the business is not meeting customer expectations or where a product or service could be improved. By analyzing this feedback, a business can identify common issues or trends that indicate a real problem that needs to be addressed.

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