Additional features that could be added to the Client Time Tracker to make it more efficient could include automated reminders for outstanding payments, integration with accounting software for seamless invoicing, and the ability to categorize tasks by priority or deadline. It could also be beneficial to add a feature that allows for tracking of non-billable hours, to give a more comprehensive view of time spent on a project.

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Some effective ways to manage pending earnings include monitoring your dashboard regularly to track hours worked, average hourly rate, and outstanding payments. Use charts to visualize how much you're owed across each client. If the chart is red, it indicates that payments are still outstanding. Regular monitoring allows you to track productivity and view earnings at a glance.

The Client Time Tracker can aid in decision making by providing valuable insights into your projects and tasks. It allows you to monitor progress, track productivity, and view earnings at a glance. It also shows hours worked, average hourly rate, and outstanding payments. With this information, you can make informed decisions about your projects and financial management.

In addition to hours worked, average hourly rate, and outstanding payments, the Client Time Tracker could potentially track metrics such as the number of tasks completed, the time spent on each task, the efficiency of work (tasks completed per hour), and the progress of individual projects. It could also track the frequency of payments and the regularity of work for each client.

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