Companies applying Uber's aggressive growth strategies might face several obstacles. Firstly, they might face legal and regulatory challenges, as Uber did when it clashed with taxi unions and local governments. Secondly, they might face backlash from the public or existing industry players. Thirdly, the cost of such aggressive growth can be high, as it often involves significant investment and potential losses. To overcome these obstacles, companies could ensure they have a strong legal team to navigate regulatory challenges, build good relationships with all stakeholders, and ensure they have sufficient funding to support their growth strategies.

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Uber's battle with taxi unions and local governments was a strategic move designed by its founder, Kalanick. He viewed local transportation as being riddled with cronyism and regulatory capture. When Uber entered a new city, it moved swiftly, reaching a critical mass before officials could react. This made it challenging for authorities to shut down a large, popular fleet. Uber encouraged drivers to continue operating even if they received tickets, with the company covering all costs. To Kalanick, these fines and tickets were merely a cost of doing business.

The book 'Super Pumped: The Battle for Uber' challenges existing paradigms in the field of local transportation by showcasing Uber's disruptive approach. It highlights how Uber, under Kalanick's leadership, bypassed traditional regulations and systems, considering them compromised with cronyism. Uber's strategy was to enter a new city and quickly gain a large user base, making it difficult for officials to shut it down. The company even encouraged drivers to continue working despite receiving tickets, bearing all costs themselves. This aggressive, growth-focused approach challenged the conventional operations of local transportation.

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