Uber and Lyft both prepared for their IPOs by building up their presence and expanding their services. Uber expanded globally, making its services available in over 650 cities and regions worldwide. Lyft, on the other hand, focused on regional expansion, making its services available in more US cities than Uber. Both companies likely conducted extensive financial audits, market research, and investor relations campaigns in preparation for their IPOs.

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The IPOs of Uber and Lyft intensified their competition. Both companies became publicly traded around the same time in 2019, which increased their visibility and scrutiny in the market. This also meant they had to be more transparent with their financials and business strategies, which could have influenced their competitive tactics. However, the IPOs did not significantly change the geographical competition between the two, as Uber continues to have a broader global presence, while Lyft focuses more on the US and Canada.

Uber and Lyft both went public in 2019, within two weeks of each other. However, their expansion strategies have differed. Uber has pursued a global strategy and is now available in over 650 cities and regions worldwide. On the other hand, Lyft has focused on the US and Canada, but due to this regional focus, it is available in more US cities than Uber.

Expanding services outside the US and Canada could potentially increase Lyft's customer base and revenue. It could also diversify its market, reducing dependence on the North American market and potentially mitigating risks associated with regulatory changes or market saturation in that region. Furthermore, it could enhance Lyft's global brand recognition and competitiveness against other global ride-sharing services like Uber.

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