Writing the FAQ before developing the product is considered as putting the cart before the horse because it's an unconventional approach. Normally, FAQs are written after the product is developed, as they are meant to address common questions or concerns about the product. However, writing the FAQ first can help keep the focus on the market and potential customer concerns, which can in turn influence and define the product design.

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Some ways to improve the effectiveness of a marketing channel include understanding your target audience, creating engaging content, utilizing analytics to track performance and make improvements, and integrating your marketing channels for a cohesive strategy. It's also important to stay updated with the latest trends and technologies in marketing to ensure your strategies are effective and relevant.

A company can ensure that their marketing channels are effective by continuously testing and modifying their strategies. They should start with a market focus rather than a product or company focus. Writing a FAQ can also help keep the focus on the market and assist in defining product design. Building a prototype and then testing and modifying it repeatedly can also be beneficial. This iterative approach can help find the best product or service to offer, which can in turn make the marketing channels more effective.

The success of a growth hacker marketing campaign can be measured in several ways. These include the increase in customer base, the rate of customer retention, the level of customer engagement, the number of conversions from leads to sales, and the overall growth in revenue. Additionally, the effectiveness of the campaign can also be gauged by the level of brand awareness and visibility it has created.

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