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Don't wait for student loan forgiveness - scenario plan the best way to pay off student debt across up to ten loans with our Student Loan Tracker. Utilize multiple graphs and charts to visualize when debt will be paid off and how will be paid. Calculate how many extra payments it will take to pay down debt in the fastest way possible, and mix and match payments across a series of months, years, and loans to determine how many payments to apply across which time frames to pay the least amount in extra interest possible.

Student loan tracker

To destroy your student loan debt, you need to pay it off faster so it doesn't accumulate so much extra interest. To do this, you need a student loan tracker where you can input all your information on all your student loans, then scenario plan how you can make extra payments, and in what order, to pay down your principal debt and minimize the amount you owe in the long run.

Our Student Loan Tracker spreadsheet model allows you to input information for up to ten loans. Then each loan is tallied together in a Gantt visualization, where extra payments can be added across time, total payments are tallied, and the interest saved is calculated. Finally, a summary tab visualizes all the data in one place so you can see how your scenarios change the overall picture of when you pay off your loans, and how much you pay. All of this is available in our Student Loan Tracker model, which is available to download and customize to save you time and hours of work as you plan how to pay down and destroy your debt.

Manage student debt

The student loan tracker includes up to 10 loan calculator tabs like this one. In the input section, the user inputs their loan amount, interest rate, length of loan term in months, when their interest started accumulating and when they will start repaying

Below, the amortization table calculates all loan payments, where each row is a month, with checkboxes to check off each month that you've paid. The loan summary section then calculates how much your scheduled payment should be, how many payments you've made to date, how much principal you've made to date, and one other calculation: How much you will save in interest, and how many months you'll save, by paying extra payments - which we'll get to in a minute.

Last, the Dashboard provides charts to calculate the loan amortization, payments over time, and comparison with or without extra payments on this loan.

Destroy debt with extra payments

Each loan you enter will appear on the loan summary tab. A Gantt chart visualization at the top breaks down each month's scheduled payment and goes gray when the month will be paid off. Now about those extra payments. In order to pay off your debt faster, the extra payment table allows the user to input how much extra to pay, and for how long, across each loan. For more advanced planning, the manual extra payment row lets the user input whatever amount they want to pay, any month they want.

Scenario plan for your future

This functionality allows you to scenario plan for all of life's uncertainties - changes in jobs, upcoming vacations, additional expenses such as housing costs or childcare additions, or update a plan in real-time as unexpected expenses occur.

As these time ranges and amounts of extra payments are changed, the actual payment table calculates how much the user will pay across each loan, while the interest saved table will calculate how much interest is saved across each loan. The bar charts visualize the total interest paid, and total interest saved, across each loan. Both tables update in real-time as you edit your extra payments so you can see how each change impacts everything else.

Compare interest saved

As the extra payments are added, the interest saved table will gray out payments you don't have to make so you can see how many months of payments you delete with each incremental extra payment.

Visualize your progress

The summary tab reveals how much faster you will pay off each of your loans, and how much interest is saved per loan, as well as how much more you will spend with your baseline payment versus with your extra payment scenario with a series of charts.

Use these charts to inform your analysis as you scenario plan and test different payment structures. You can experiment and mix and match payments across up to ten loans, so make sure to try every scenario you can realistically afford in order to find the fastest and most affordable way to pay down and destroy your student debt.

For all these tools to scenario plan how to pay off your student loans no matter your circumstances, simply download this Student Loan Tracker to save you time and hours of work as you map your way out from under the burden of your student debt.

Now, to calculate how much disposable income you have available each month to help pay down your student debt, go check out and download our Family Budget Planner spreadsheet tool. The tool calculates whether you are on or off track to reach your annual savings goal, while our video guide will teach you how to use the budget planner to manage your finances and calculate how much disposable income you can dedicate to paying down student loans each month while still hitting your personal savings goal.

Download and customize this and 500+ other business templates