An organization can shift from being a legacy organization to an evolutionary organization by questioning and reinventing their approach across the twelve domains that make up the organization's operating system. This process involves identifying and addressing the organizational debt that does not serve the needs of a complex organization in a rapidly changing world.

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The success of the shift to an evolutionary organization can be measured in several ways. One way is to assess the organization's ability to adapt to changes in the environment. This can be done by looking at how quickly and effectively the organization is able to implement new strategies and processes in response to changes in the market or industry. Another way is to evaluate the level of employee engagement and satisfaction. If employees are more engaged and satisfied, it is a good indication that the shift is successful. Additionally, the organization's financial performance can also be a measure of success. If the organization is able to maintain or improve its financial performance after the shift, it is a sign that the shift is successful.

The shift to an evolutionary organization can have a significant impact on employees. It requires them to adapt to new ways of working and thinking, which can be challenging but also rewarding. They may need to learn new skills, embrace new technologies, and become more flexible and adaptable. It can also lead to a more empowering and engaging work environment, as employees are often given more autonomy and are encouraged to innovate and take risks. However, it can also create uncertainty and discomfort, as change is often difficult and the transition can be disruptive.

The shift to an evolutionary organization can be particularly beneficial in industries that are rapidly changing and require constant innovation. This includes the technology industry, healthcare, finance, and any industry that is heavily impacted by digital transformation. These industries require a flexible and adaptive organizational structure to keep up with the pace of change.

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